NEW MUSIC PROJECT VIDEO and UPDATES... recording session at Jake Antelis' Studio

YAY! So our first recording session was on 8/23 and I FINALLY edited all of the footage and got it up on youtube :) The First Session Video gives you an idea of what it took to go from piano/bass/drums to full production on "Done Me Wrong" with hardly any piano in the end! (which is pretty rare for me)... Keep an ear out for the sound as it changes as we keep layering instruments to the track! I think it's pretty cool... oh yea, and take a look at Jae getting freaked out because the earthquake happened as he was playing! yup... I also added a slide show of cool shots from the day with a rough, unmixed track of "Headin' Out To Philly"! 

Yesterday I went back into the studio to finish up everything with Jake and to record vocals! we added some great harmonies to Done Me Wrong which I think you'll LOVE!

PLUSSS... I have GREAT NEWS... My EXTREMELY talented friend Josh Hisle will be on the road this year opening for Stephen Stills, but before he heads out he took a second to lay down some BANJO tracks for me! "Headin' Out to Philly" will now also feature JOSH HISLE on BANJO!!!! (Thanks josh! I'll see you in Boston!!!)

More to come including instructions to everyone that has a new song headed their way! 

Let me know what you think of the video! It's a bit shaky because i MIGHT have been dancing to the music a bit.. hahhaaa :)

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